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New Fluid has granted a manufacturing license to Koller Whirlpool of Austria and also rights to employ the Stelth “solid body vortex” pump in its spa baths.

Koller make the worlds highest quality spa baths and will soon use the Stelth Pump in all their spa baths.

Koller will now be able to significantly increase the spa jet power, reduce the electricity cost and reduce the noise of the spa bath.




In fact, in some cases, the spa jet force will be doubled.

Our purpose is to promote the “Stelth” pump for its ability to reduce energy use and thus cut greenhouse emissions and pollution worldwide.

This website will also explain the technical aspects of “solid body vorticity” as employed in the Stelth pump.

Soon scientific papers about the Stelth pump will be written by Terry Day and Professor Noor Ahmed of University of New South Wales and will be published in engineering journals and will be made available from us for uploading.

Manufacturing of Stelth pumps is now in the planning and tooling up stages in Adelaide. The Stelth, or “solid body vortex pump”, has taken 5 years of R&D to develop and bring to market.



Testing of large commercial Stelth “solid body vortex” pump


We are negotiating with an increasing number of manufacturers who make pumps for industry, rural and agriculture, automotive engine cooling, pool filtration and marine from bilge to general boat applications.

The Stelth technology is now accepted as a breakthrough in pumping and ready for worldwide energy saving pumping applications.

New Fluid is also able to make available other breakthrough technology products that enhance pumping for all pumping categories.


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