Lift & The Coanda Effect


Newfluid Technology develops appliances and systems by drawing on its knowledge of and experience with fluid dynamics. We suggest you download the PDF documents:

Lift and the Coanda Effect 

Henri Coanda; the Facts

Key words & phrases inside documents for further research;

  • Lift.
  • Wind Turbine.
  • Active flow control.
  • Aerodynamic Circulation.
  • Henri Coanda.
  • Circulation Control.
  • Lanchester – Prandtle hypothesis of lift.
  • Increasing the effective camber.
  • Bernoulli Effect.
  • Bound Vortex.
  • Coanda Effect.
  • STOL.
  • Wall Jet.
  • Stagnation Point.
  • Tip Vortices.
  • Upper Surface Blowing.
  • Vorticity.
  • Wing in Ground Effect.

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