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‘Queensland University of Technology report conclusions’


water pump
Jetfan waterpump.
Patented manufacturing method can mould high
efficiency centrifugal fan/pump impeller.


The following results were produced from tests on the 93mm JETFAN Water Pump at speeds of 2,000 3,000 and 4,000 RPM. Performance graphs of the increase in static pressure above the base zero flow pressure are given for a range of flow rates for each rotational speed.

The visual inspection of the onset of cavitation indicated that over the range of flow rates tested, cavitation first appears at a rotational speed of 3,000 RPM. Above this speed cavitation bubbles were observed to form on the concave surface of each blade near the leading edge, and to be reabsorbed a short distance inside the blade passage. The point of reabsorption corresponds to a line drawn at right angles from the leading edge of the convex surface of the adjacent blade. This reabsorption indicates that the pressure is rising as the water enters the blade passage.


This series of performance tests on the 93mm JETFAN Water Pump has illustrated the performance characteristics of this new prototype pump, and determined both the extent of cavitation and the speeds at which cavitation may occur.

In comparing the performance of the JETFAN water pump to the other pump designs it must be noted that the performance detailed in this report has been achieved without the use of a complex volute or stator blades, which are commonly used to direct the flow of water from the rotating impeller into the outlet pipe in many pump designs.


Jetfan Impeller Applications:

The performance gains reached by the Jetfan has allowed it’s design to be very compact. The Jefan has been tested in vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, coanda ceiling fans and a variety of other appliances. The innovative design is inexpensive to mass produce via a conventional injection mould process (see video).


  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Domestic waterpumps
  • Agricultural waterpumps
  • Industrial waterpumps
  • Low signature waterpumps for shipping
  • Electric – Automotive engine cooling pumps
  • Ducted impellers for thrust

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