Special Effects


Special Effects and Entertainment Solutions

New fluid’s innovative aeronautical solutions have been applied in live stage shows and fun rides.


Portable Skydiving – Drop Zone

DROP ZONE skydiving machine. The DROP ZONE Company had an innovative idea when they built a skydiving machine on a trailer, able to fold for transport, thus enabling the unit to be transported to major events around the country and to very quickly unfold for use. New Fluid designed the innovative air pathway geometry that has resulted in a great success for the project.

Drop Zone – portable skydiving fun.


Live Stage tornado – Storm

Jupiter’s Casino live stage show
Tornado test used for STORM stage show.


Still another extremely difficult project was the creation of an on stage tornado 7 meters (22 feet) high for the stage show “STORM” which ran 8 times per week for a year at Jupiters Casino on Australia’s Gold Coast. The tornado was generated by the same principles as found in nature. There is a reason why natural tornados do not occur near hills or mountains but over flat land. It is the same reason why man-made tornados do not occur close to stage curtains and sets. New Fluid solved this problem.



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